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Have you always wanted to make films but do not have the time? In Bande à Part we make it easy, so we have designed a series of courses to suit all schedules.
Through our virtual campus, you can access the viewing streaming of classes taught in the classrooms of our school in Barcelona and corresponding to the part of theory and film analysis. The training is completed with face to face classes dedicated to film practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 to 21: 00h from October to June.
During the course two short films will be shot in HD format.
This course is aimed at people who want to acquire the necessary knowledge to address audiovisual projects with guarantees of success.
If you do not find a schedule that suits you but you want to immerse yourself in the world of cinema, contact us and we help you design the course that best suits you.
1. Film language with Luis Aller.
- What is cinema? essential parts. Grammar.
- Length: ethics and aesthetics of the planes. Scale, angles, the composition, ratios and progressions.
- Camera movements: the kinetic and its transformations, successivity against concurrency, simultaneity inside the plane and delayed mounting apprehension.
- Light: Fundamentals and characteristics, types and expressive properties of light, shadow.
- Color: dominancias and cronodinámica, visible spectrum; primary, secondary and tertiary chromatic qualities.
- Props: modes and performances, presence and absence, character building
2. History of cinema (early 1935).
- The history of cinema through film viewing.
Presential part: FILM PRACTICE
1. Screenplay.
- Ideas and basic concepts. Theories and developments. Defining a framework: theme and plot situation. Space and time. The three-act structure. Construction of characters. alternative storylines.
- Practical workshops and film analysis.
2. Planning techniques.
- Basic concepts. The y-axis Rule 180 degrees. Continuity and its variants. The axis of movement, look and action. The technical script. The sequence and analysis types.
3. Camera and lighting.
- Cinematography fundamentals: fundamental concepts. Perception, colorimetry, photometry. Light sources. Color temperature. Offices and functions.
- Lighting: electrical equipment, light bulbs, connections. Safety at work.
- HD video camera: running, formats, menus, optical and focal lengths.
4. Technology of digital publishing.
- Materials, file, equipment, video signals, sync.
- Editing programs: Adobe Premiere.
5. Sound fundamentals.
- Human and organizational team. Microphones and recording equipment. Media and technical possibilities. Environments, dialogues and Wildtracks.
6. Cinematographic Crafts.
- The sequence of work: from the idea to the screen. Who's who in the set? Hierarchies and organization. How they work different teams.
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1 year. October to June
Course Starts
October  2017

Presential schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:00 to 9:00 p.m
SINGLE PAYMENT.....€ 2.950
Registration 875€  and 8 monthly installments of  295€ from November 2017 to June 2018.
If you want to personalize your payment method or extend the terms, contact us.

16 years old E.S.O. graduate or equivalent

Places will be adjudicated in strict registration order once payment has been confirmed
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